• Hi,
    I been in uk from 5 Oct 2008,
    As student 5/10/2008–13 May 2012
    As PSW 13 May2012- 13/05/2014
    Tier 1 entrepreneur visa 13May2014-to 13 May 2017
    Apply for further 2 yrs extension on 13/05/2017
    Interview on16/03/2018
    Decision not received yet.
    10yrs completing on 05/10/2018.
    I bought my family in uk on 21/12/2014
    Spouse and four kids age 19yrsBOY 17yrsGIRL 15yrsGIRL and 5yrsSON.
    I will complete my 5 yrs business tenour on 13May 2019
    Need advice which way will be more safe and I have to spend less money,my 10yrs Set (LR )or business visa with my family.
    I am also maintaining my family maintiances account about five thousand ,plus if they not sending me extension visa including my family ,I am getting each month salary of 2500 per month from my company to cover my family .
    Thank you.

  • Immigration Adviser

    HI @nvdbkh

    Due to the fact that your family still require another 16 months residence as a PBS dependent before being eligible to apply for ILR, you may not wish to make a SET(LR) application.

    If you were to vary your application to SET(LR) and you were granted settlement on that basis, your family would not be eligible to extend their PBS dependent visas and their applications will be refused if they are already with the Home Office.

    If you are granted ILR on the basis of 5 years as a Tier 1 Entrepreneur, then they will be able to extend their PBS visas and reach 5 years on that route in December 2019.

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