Do I need an immigration lawyer?

  • We're in our 70's. My wife has dual UK/US citizenship and has been here in the US for 19 years. I'm a US citizen and we want to move to the UK. I'm in the process of filling out the UK's online form but it asks for contact info of where we'll be staying. I can give her daughter's address but we really won't be staying there. Is that OK? Our plan is to move to the UK for the rest of our lives and we're looking for homes to buy now. Our plan is to move around March - May of 2019.

    Should I contact an immigration lawyer on this? It seems like it should be so simple but, of course, nothing is.

    Any recommendations on a lawyer in Northern California (Santa Rosa)?

    Many thanks

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @thusband

    If you would like to contact us regarding representation please do so at

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