Tier 2 general 6 year clock reset

  • Hi,

    I was on tier 2 general visa for 3 years. Then, I switched to tier 4 student visa for 2 years. After the tier 4 I switched to tier 2 general again for 3 year.

    Now my question is since I have not been on tier 2 geenral for continuous 5 years I cannot apply for ilr by 5 year route.

    Can I apply for tier 2 general visa considering that since I was on tier 4 for 2 years so I completed 12 months cooling off period and my tier 2 clock reset for more 6 years.

    Thank you.

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @shmeh21,

    You will be able to extend your Tier 2 (General) visa to the maximum of 6 years as you have completed the 12 month cooling off period.


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