What are the approved clinics in Poland for a TB jab for Tier 2 visa?

  • My fiance is Ukrainian, and he is apply for a UK Tier 2 Visa. As part of the application he needs a Tuberculosis vaccine from a clinic that is approved by the home office. However, he lives in Poland and will be getting a vaccine from a Polish clinic.

    The problem is, the .gov website only details the approved clinics in non-EU countries,. It doesn't say about Poland, as I supposed Poles don't need visas to come to the UK.

    Do you know if he can get a vaccine from a Polish clinic and it will be fine? Is there a list of approved clinics in Poland?


  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @Nora-Joy

    Thank you for getting in touch.

    If your fiance has been living in Poland for at least 6 months he will not be required to provide a TB certificate. If he has been living in Poland for less than 6 months he will need to get the test certificate from the Ukraine.

    Many thanks,

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