Friend visiting me in the UK

  • Hi, my friend has a ready filled application to come visit me and will stay where I’m living in the UK for 10 days. Is it true that she needs to demonsrate the funds for her trip (in this case her salary) is in her account for 28 days at least? Or is there no amount of time for the money to be there so she’ll just show that it’s in her account once it is?

    Also, is it better that I sponsor her or she soonsor herself?

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @zaina,

    Your friend will need to demonstrate that she has sufficient funding to stay in the UK for the 10-day period. There is not a certain amount of money or a certain period for which the money should be held to show maintenance.

    It does not matter whether you sponsor her or not. Whether you are sponsoring her in terms of funding or whether she is funding herself, the Home Office do like to see sufficient money in the applicant's account in order to show financial ties to their home country.

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