Applying for an extension of partner visa using FLR(M), but now engaged.

  • Hello everyone,

    I would greatly appreciate some advice on our current circumstances before we submit our FLR(M) application. My partner currently has a Partner visa that was granted for 2.5 years and expires on 28th December 2018. The part which we are concerned about:

    • We got engaged in February and have our wedding planned for July 2019.

    • As her current Visa expires 28th December 2018, we now need to apply for an extension through an FLR(M) application.

    My question is which option do we select on section 2.1, regarding the category of leave we are applying for? We satisfy and match the description of 3 of the options and I am confused as to which we should tick?

    Following on from this, will us being engaged at the time of the extension application effect the visa she is currently on? We really don't want to reset the 5 year clock before we can apply for ILR.

    Hopefully this all makes sense, please let me know if you need further clarifications. If anyone could offer some advice on our situation we would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you In advance.

  • Immigration Adviser


    You must select: Unmarried partner of a person present and settled in the UK and a biometric immigration

    You being engaged will not affect the application. The Home Office will still class you as unmarried partners. Getting married any time will not reset the clock either.

    If you do get married at some point you can alert the Home Office so they can update your partner's records.

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