Tier 2 work visa - 2 options given by company

  • I'd like to get advice for my current visa situation.

    I was offered a job offer by a company in London. I started working as a contractor early September while waiting for visa process to start until now. I signed my contract as a full-time employee and left London to go back to Malaysia (I hold Malaysian passport) to start the Tier 2 visa process and 2 weeks ago my CoS was approved. Last week, I was told the company just lost its investor and would need to let go half of the office. I was briefed and given two options.

    First option is to go with the visa. I’ll have to pay for my part which is going to be £1430. The company representative said that once I'm there, I would probably be made redundant in a week’s time with a week’s notice. I will then have about 3 months to be in the country which they suggested me to find another sponsor. The second option is to end my contract as contractor as soon as it ends and that's it.

    I need to know if there are going to be advantages/benefits (for another company to hire me and sponsor) of having a work visa and then being made redundant? Will it be more likely for the new company to hire me if I got this visa than if I didn’t have one? I need to know if there are going to be any advantages for going through with the last stage of the visa because I will be paying quite a lot of money on my part.

  • Immigration Adviser

    Hi @rory_bear,

    If you were to come to the UK and then your sponsorship ends you would be given a 60 day curtailment in which you can find a new sponsor. A new sponsor would still need to meet the Resident Labour Market Test, however, would not need to meet points for a Restricted CoS and can issue a CoS as soon as the Market Test has been met which would make things easier in someways.

    Once you obtained a new sponsor you would have to make a fresh application and would be required to pay the IHS fees and the Home Office fees again.


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